Mind Body SPIRIT

Your spirit is your internal compass. It is the conduit through which you connect to the wisdom of the universe. Inspiration is literally the process of  connecting in spirit. Having a spiritual base, a belief in a higher power, something greater than yourself, offers a firm foundation in a constantly changing world.

Research consistently confirms a link between religious and spiritual practice and mirth. Happy habits like expressing gratitude, compassion and charity connect people in spirit.  Asking big questions while pursuing our purpose with passion give our lives context and meaning.

People who feel their lives have a purpose,live happier, healthier lives than those just going through the motions without devotion.

Periods of rest and respite from the demands of daily work and  life  reduce stress, a fundamental cause of chronic disease and the primary causes of death in Western society. Transcendent spiritual and religious experiences have a positive, healing, restorative effect, especially when woven into daily routines.

To whom and to what do you feel connected? 
What captures your attention and ignites your energy? 
How do you engage your heart and invest your resources?
How do you access your internal compass?
What spiritual practices do you participate in?
How do you unplug and recharge when you need to?

Some of my favorite thought leaders and resources:
The Holy Trinity
The Bible
Louise Haye, You Can Heal Your Life
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Pulling it all together

Your mind body and spirit are cosmically connected.
Their ongoing interaction guides your choices and determines your destiny. 
Where the three intersect creates the lens through which we view the world. 
The larger the intersection, the greater the focus, thus access to your heart’s wisdom and true desire. 

Who doesn't want to be happy healthy wealthy and wise?

How is it that some of these elements seem so elusive to so many?

Learn to be sensitive to the serendipitous synchronicity of the universe
Recognize the law of attraction in action
Realize that what you focus on expands and you find more of what you look for.