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An Investment in Yourself impacts every aspect of your life

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Invest in your most valuable resource:  
An investment in yourself is an investment in every aspect of your life!
Give yourself the home team advantage with a coach in your court. 
Missy will hold up the mirror and help you see yourself, your abilities, your life and your potential in positive productive ways.   (It is no secret: You canít read the label  from inside the jar )

Take ACTION and be Accountable in your quest to be your BEST !
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Brief Solution Oriented Counseling may be just the answer for getting through a tough time and coming out stronger, wiser, more courageous and resilient.   
Adversity =  Opportunity!

Dig deeper, illuminate your own insight and learn valuable lessons from every situation.


Leave the details to a professional:  Collaborative, customized, creative design offers a firm foundation for meeting your identified objectives and making meetings memorable.

Missy specializes in crafting  an environment and experience that opens minds, hearts and doors to more productive, satisfying, effective interaction on all levels.
Facilitation is Missyís forte;  from strengthening families and building strong work teams to engaging organizations and  audiences of all sizes in collective interaction and awareness,  count on creative customization on the spot

               Relationships are our ROOTS  to the universe.   Get more GROUNDED with Missyís help.
* Career and Life Planning  
*  Stress Reduction and Resiliency 
* Health and Well BEing
* Effective Communication 
*   Relationship and Team Building 
*  Conflict Resolution

*   Engaging Excellence
Whether working one on one, with a family, a team, an organization, a community or a conference, Missyís approach is always engaging, enlightening and fun;  Collaborative, Creative and Customized on the spot.
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Words are powerful tools, and Missy weaves them in ways that engage,
empower, enlighten and inspire. 
Invite her to make your next event more memorable.
Popular topics include:
The ART of Encouragement and the Healing Power of Humor
Cultivating Kindness and Happy Habits
Living the GOOD Life
Life is GOOD, and Work Can be Too!
Some Things never Change, Most things Do!
He who Laughs LASTS!