Your mind is the master of your universe. It determines how you see and experience every aspect of life. Your body only knows what your mind tells it, and your mind interprets your body’s signals. The good news is you are in control of  your mind.  While random thoughts may enter, you decide how long you entertain them. 

I am always amazed at  how many people do not realize this. 

Many people live their lives believing  they are victims of their circumstances.This could not be farther from the truth. While there are certainly situations beyond your control,  you decide how you interpret and approach them and that makes all the difference.  


Beware of your thoughts, because they create  behavior.
          Study your behaviors because they become habits.
               Consider your habits carefully because they create your character
                    Choose  your character carefully, because it determines your destiny.

It all begins within!
Consider what you tell yourself about yourself on a daily basis.
How long would you remain friends with someone who said the same about you?

Today’s Challenge: BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND!

Challenge the accuracy of your thoughts and choose positive, empowering ones.

Realize that what you focus on expands:, you get more of what you are looking for, so look for the best in yourself, your circumstances and your relationships.

     Research consistently confirms that optimists live happier, healthier lives.
          They live longer and have stronger, more satisfying relationships than pessimists.
                Just as our bodies need a healthy nutritious diet in order to thrive, our minds also benefit most
                      from happy, healthy, accurate thoughts.

While this is easier said than done, I assure you it gets easier with practice.Need a jump start?

Pulling it all together

Your mind body and spirit are cosmically connected.
Their ongoing interaction guides your choices and determines your destiny. 
Where the three intersect creates the lens through which we view the world. 
The larger the intersection, the greater the focus, thus access to your heart’s wisdom and true desire. 

Who doesn't want to be happy healthy wealthy and wise?

How is it that some of these elements seem so elusive to so many?

Learn to be sensitive to the serendipitous synchronicity of the universe
Recognize the law of attraction in action
Realize that what you focus on expands and you find more of what you look for.
Spirit Body MIND
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Some of my favorite thought leaders and resources in Positive Psychology:

Dr. David Burns, The Feeling Good Handbook, Ten Cognitive Traps
Dr. Martin Seligman, Learned Optimism, Authentic Happiness

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